Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well friends,

The last I left you, I had yet to reach New York. Most of you already know that I do not like cities. In fact, I find them overwhelming. But maybe the Lord is changing my heart, because I fell in love with 3 cities. Chicago, Philly, and New York! What a big world! I saw so many different things! I also got a disc of all of the pictures we took, so I'm going to try and blog those too. I just wanted you all to know how much I liked my trip and that I will be catching up on blogging in the next few days.

The things we saw were awesome (filled me with awe), and I loved all the people we stayed with. I also got to do many other things when we got back and had a great time with the family I was staying with in MN as we watched movies and I went to their parties. I was a good time.

I'm glad to be in TX though, staying with my grandparents for a little, then off to my cousin's.  I'm currently shopping for mopeds and jobs, so if you hear of either, hook a sister up yo!

Much love to my peeps!

signing out for now


P.S. Pickle has discovered her meaning in life. She was lost without it, but her new passion makes up for her previous ignorance. She will willingly and viciously rid the whole world of the blight it is under. That blight is the very existence of squirrels. She has even become experienced in the scaling and almost climbing of various trees. She can now reach about 6 ft up a tree while snapping her teeth. She has yet to actually catch a squirrel, but I'm sure that if you looked under some trees, you would find some involuntary squirrel droppings! She is acclimating well to all the new things I throw at her, and took riding in her first plane like a champ! She just yawned and looked at me like I was the weirdo for being afraid of landing. So Pickle is well, and sure is one of the best things about my life right now!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Well let’s see. I have a lot to cover on this blog.

First let me give a praise. IEW has contacted both Jansina and I and given us small projects that will keep us employed to the end of the month! Praise the Lord. It’s just data entry, but I am so glad to be working again! I know Jansina feels the same.

For those of you that don’t know, I have started the second half of my road trip, and we are currently driving to NYC. I have seen many many things along the way and would like to describe some of them for you.

First: we stopped in Ohio near Cleveland to stay with a generous and hilarious family. Al and Terris were open and warm and made me feel at home the moment I walked in the door. People like that make traveling so much fun and a real joy. Al and I bonded over beers that first night and Terris shared about her family and their grandchildren and how she and Al met that morning. They met in Driving school when they were 16. They couldn’t communicate well because Al is from Germany, and Terris is from Cleveland, Ohio, but they could share small things because she knew some German and he knew some English. So cute. I love traveling and meeting new people.
If there was a way to just travel and talk to people about anything and everything (strangers and those you know), I would sign up for a vacation like that!

Second: we stopped in Cleveland to take a look at the city. It was wonderfully organized and there is a memorial to soldiers and sailors in the center right next to the “Arcade” that is stunning. Not long after we entered the city, I felt that longing to move again, and we left shortly after that. It was a lovely city with beautiful churches, but Cities will never have my heart.

Third: This is a little out of order, but we drove through Chicago. It was HUGE; as big as LA. And it reminded me of LA, but spread out differently. The tall buildings weren’t clustered together as tightly, and there was more variety in architecture then LA, but I had that same feeling. Cities can be lovely and clean and filled with wonderful people, but I won’t be drawn to them.

Side note: Why In the world do we feel the need to grow so much corn!!!!???? There can not be that much demand for corn. I feel like we drive through seas of it to get from place to place. Corn as far as you can see. There may be reason that the US is in such hard economic times. We need to start diversifying or it will only get worse. And this is why government subsidies are harmful. *steps off soap box* I apologize.

Fourth: We stopped in Buffalo, NY to stay with some Friends of Jansina’s and they were delightful! Abby and Cassey were wonderful girls and I enjoyed making more new friends. Abby took us to Toronto in Ontario, Canada. We walked and drove around the city. It was the oddest thing though; all the buildings were smashed up against one another, so the only way you know a new house or building starts is by the color of the bricks! So strange. There are no alley ways between buildings, just walls running straight down the street! This was one of my favorite places to see so far, but I have always enjoyed the Canadian atmosphere. There is such a variety of people in the boarder cites of Canada. I felt a kinship with some strangers I saw on the street. They were backpackers looking at the buildings the same way I was; with awe and intrigue, but no real desire. Rugged and tired, my heart went out to them, and I wished for a pack on my back and my dog by my feet, so I could just disappear into the country for a time. (having just finished “Walking Across America” probably didn’t help).

Fifth: Niagara falls. Never have a seen something as boundless and magnificent as the falls from the Canadian side. Great masses of water cascading down the massive falls, and mist rises powerfully like a heavy rain from the force of the pressure. Jansina, Jaymes and I walked down by the bottom of the falls and, as they waited behind, I walked ahead to stand next to the falls and reveled in the pelting rain that drenched me in seconds. Reckless abandon filled my heart as I remembered the song of the river in “Hind’s Feet in High Places”. I want to be as free and easy as rushing water to those around me. Lord, fill me with love. Amen

I want to say more, but I fear that I might loose you half way through even this. I will add more later about the family we stayed with last night, and what has happened today.

Signing out for now


PS. (I should let you know I think of this as “Pickle’s Section”). Pickle stayed home with Jansina’s parents. Every time I leave her I get worried. She can be such a bad thing when I leave her. As we travel together, she listens to me more and more closely, and our bond gets stronger and stronger. I think her little heart can’t take any more loyalty or something because the stronger her bond is to me, the less she listens to anyone else. I say “come” now and she’s by my side in seconds; if anyone else tries, she laughs in their face and takes off. She’s by my feet like a shadow and I see her waiting for me to come back into the dog room, even when I leave for a short time. I delight in this. Some would find it annoying, but I LOVE having a dog that is bonded to me. I will mourn her more that any animal I have ever had when that day comes. So pray for my dog. She runs away and gives them trouble when I leave, so hopefully she is “a good” while I’m gone.