Friday, July 22, 2011

Bleed Bible

I heard a quote that has really inspired me. "When I get cut, I want to bleed Bible". How true is that desire? I want my life to be so focused that my very blood has turned to worship in my veins.

It's been a crazy week to say the very least. We flew through many projects so that we could start our one HUGE project. We were given a week to set up and organize an entire branch of the IEW website! It's insane. and we are rocking it! We look on to 2 full work days left, and I actually think we can finish with style and our heads still on.

Aside from the normal work day, I look back on this experience and see God's hand in my life. I know he meant for me to be here, and I have experience, Friends, and new memories to show for it. I also got to brush up on my usage of the English language and learn some new theories on life.

I miss my comfort, but I really believe that God has called me out of California for a while. It's going to be a hard time, and I don't know how long it will last, but I know that His hand is on my life and that with His help, anything is possible.

It's hard, also, that so many of us are traveling right now, and I know that many of you I will not get to see as often as I am used to. So for all of you staying in one place, please pray for us and our travels.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading. I will try to be faithful and continue writing as I continue to travel! From California I will be going to Minnesota for a time, and then flying into Texas to stay for a time.

signing out for now


PS. I see my dog in less than 9 days!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Diligent isn't the half of it!

Wanna see what I have been working on?

Follow these links to the pages I designed with the help of my team and wonderful Management!

and the page created by my co-intern!

Enjoy! We worked hard on them, and I think they are beautiful! Our final project is the school division website, and I will link you all to that later on. It's nice coming in and making an impact on a company that makes difference in peoples lives!

Thanks IEW and readers!

signing out for now. Back in Cali soon. Then off to Texas.


Can't wait to see me dog, because she is perfect!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

road confusion

As a verb person, I love action. Passionately pursuing some new idea is my favorite way of life. Flying by the seat of my pants is the only way I fly!

So planning this next time of waiting is hard. I know that packing in more than I can handle is bad, but I see so much that could be done, and need to continually remind myself that I have short funds and only about 2 years in which to do these things. It's hard to wait. It seems that the Lord is teaching me patience or maybe he is just keeping me from myself.

Loneliness is the hardest thing as I travel and re-invent my life. It follows me like a flea covered dog, and ticks at my mind as I gather what courage I can from my surroundings. I miss not just people, but concepts; home, the beach, busyness, family. I know that all these things may be passing out of my life, but I do yearn for them terribly. It stops me as I work and drags my mind to other times and places as if a vortex it carrying me beyond my will into what can not be.

I realize that what I had hoped to gain is what I got, but I did not know the consequences. I asked to be a fox without a hole, and a rich young ruler with no riches, and a disciple without extra sandals. My barns are empty. My fields are bare. My father is left un-buried. So why is my heart troubled? Why the waves of sadness? Where is the surrender my soul yearns for? I know that sacrifice is painful, but is my heart in the wrong place? I know I follow the Lords plan, but am I not seeing the lessons to learn?

Forgive my  misery. I know the Lord will comfort me. But my heart is heavy today.

Signing out for now and praying for sunnier days


PS. I need my dog today.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello blogspot!

It's been a while, hasn't it. I was hoping to do more than one a week, but I'm actually impressed that i have kept up with it! YAY! Go me!

Lots has happened in the past week. I went inter-tubing in the river and lost my glasses in the water. I bought new glasses and they are awesome. I got super burned on the trip but I actually got really tan on my legs and arms from it. My face has started to peel already, so that is good. Work has been going great and we are really driving through everything we were hoping to get done.

I've been learning a lot about God this week as well. I heard a quote in church yesterday. "when I get cut, I want to bleed Bible". This is my new ambition. I really have been trying to apply myself to reading the word every day. He has all the power to guide me on my new path. I don't know anything about what it is going to be, or where I will live, what I will do or how I will get there, but I know that God has control in all those things and he is going to use this new freedom of mine for good. I just need to learn to cross each bridge as it comes and trust that He will care for my needs.

Happy 4th of July everyone! It's going to be a fun day! fireworks tonight and the coolest game afterwards. I'm having so much fun hanging out with the Walkers when we play games and do puzzles and things. I also got to meet the pastor and his family yesterday and I get to hang out with them again tomorrow. They have a really awesome dog and he has the greatest personality. It was so nice to get a dog fix. I have been needing something fuzzy to cuddle with for weeks! He loved it too. so that was cool.

So, I'm going to keep enjoying the 4th, and I hope you guys do too!

signing off for now,


PS. Over the hump already! Can't wait to see my dog! She is going to be with me every second I hope!