Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well friends,

The last I left you, I had yet to reach New York. Most of you already know that I do not like cities. In fact, I find them overwhelming. But maybe the Lord is changing my heart, because I fell in love with 3 cities. Chicago, Philly, and New York! What a big world! I saw so many different things! I also got a disc of all of the pictures we took, so I'm going to try and blog those too. I just wanted you all to know how much I liked my trip and that I will be catching up on blogging in the next few days.

The things we saw were awesome (filled me with awe), and I loved all the people we stayed with. I also got to do many other things when we got back and had a great time with the family I was staying with in MN as we watched movies and I went to their parties. I was a good time.

I'm glad to be in TX though, staying with my grandparents for a little, then off to my cousin's.  I'm currently shopping for mopeds and jobs, so if you hear of either, hook a sister up yo!

Much love to my peeps!

signing out for now


P.S. Pickle has discovered her meaning in life. She was lost without it, but her new passion makes up for her previous ignorance. She will willingly and viciously rid the whole world of the blight it is under. That blight is the very existence of squirrels. She has even become experienced in the scaling and almost climbing of various trees. She can now reach about 6 ft up a tree while snapping her teeth. She has yet to actually catch a squirrel, but I'm sure that if you looked under some trees, you would find some involuntary squirrel droppings! She is acclimating well to all the new things I throw at her, and took riding in her first plane like a champ! She just yawned and looked at me like I was the weirdo for being afraid of landing. So Pickle is well, and sure is one of the best things about my life right now!

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