Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here we go again


It begins again. I left CA on Monday morning and we got to Las Vegas the same morning to stay with Jansina's grandfather for 2 nights. He was a sweet man with a cute view on some of the new fangled things these people are doing. I loved talking with him about the news and seeing the lights in las vegas. We left Tuesday morning (which is today) and arrived ad the hogan's house (they are friends of Jansina) this afternoon. They are sweet people that live in the country, and I am already in love! It's been 2 hours since we got here and they have already shared jokes and stories and offered to take me to the farm in the morning to see the cow and other animals! Heaven! This is what this place is called!
Amanda and Ben are about my age, but ALL the members of this family are lovely! Also, Jansina and I picked up her friend Joanna in Las Vegas and she will be joining us for the rest of our trip. I love her too! seriously, it is so nice when you can just fall into a friendship with someone.
God has a plan in all of this. I love the trip, but I keep having these waves of fear about being gone for so long. I miss everyone terribly. But I know that there is a plan for my life.

I leave you with this verse tonight. Prov. 16:3 "In his heart a man plans his path, but the Lord determines his steps."

Love and miss you all.
signing out for now


PS. Pickle is having a BLAST! She loves riding in the car, and she loves meeting all these new people and dogs and we haven't had any problems so far. Praise the Lord! She is a good dog and a blessing, and I'm glad she can bless others by being so good. Her new best friend is Jansina's grandpa. SO CUTE!


  1. Yay! You wrote a blog post. I'm so glad you are having fun. Enjoy this time. It will be a life long memory.
    I love you

  2. Hotchkiss looks like a beautiful place, lovely valley and small town. I love Google Earth! Take pictures so we can see through your eyes.