Thursday, August 4, 2011

Higher up and further in

Well my blog friends,

It was a long road home from OK, But it was fun to see some of the country. There are lots of different things to see in the USA! It was fun, as well, to be traveling with Jansina, since I couldn't bare the thought of leaving her company so soon.
The presentation at the end of the Internship went well. I know many of you were looking forward to hearing about that. It went a little longer than we had hoped, but from what I could hear, people seemed pleased with the work we had done. Our website looked good (minus some spelling errors, (my bad)), and all of the projects we had worked on were met with enthusiasm. Both of us, Jansina and I, got a chance to pitch to Andrew Pudewa, and we both hope to continue with the company. I wait to hear back from them, and Jansina has to "audition" for her roll in the company.
We got to spend some time hanging out with the Walkers before we left (I miss them terribly), and I learned how to play Risk, for the first time ever! It was pretty fun. Once we left we stopped off a few times; once in Albuquerque to stay the night (thanks Julie!), again at the "midway" of the route 66, and again at a nice truck stop for Denny's. It was 112 degrees when we drove through the Mojave desert! But we made it through and got to catch a nice cool breeze and the 70 degree weather in Coastal Southern CA. It's been fun catching up with everyone and getting some stuff handled down here, but I kind of miss being on the road. I think it;s because I know I have a lot to do before I go, and that makes me antsy, but I know the Lord will provide for this next trip, just like He did the last one.
For those of you that have been waiting with baited breath.
Here is the long awaited plan.

  • First, We leave California on the 15th of August and get on the road to visit some friends and family of Jansina, on the way to Minnesota. 
  • We hope to arrive in Minnesota (near Minneapolis) on the 20th of August, and settle in with Jansian's family.
  • I stay with them for 1 month
  • After gallivanting with her and her family for a month, I will be flying out of St. Paul, and arriving in Dallas TX on the 20th of September. 
  • I move to TX for an undetermined amount of time with My Cousin Kelly!
  • Around March, I hope to fly or cruise to New Zealand (can you believe a cruise might be CHEAPER?)
  • I start wwoofing around New Zealand for 3 months - 1 year
  • I move back to CA to start my goat farm. 
  • .... the end?
If the Lord is willing, my plans will happen somewhat like that. I know He has prepared things in advance for me to do, but I know also, that he has put desires in my heart for a reason. So i will just shoot for this until something changes. :)
I will continue to blog and keep everyone updated with what REALLY happens to me, and I hope to see you on the blogosphere! Be well and God Bless

signing out for now


PS. Pickle gets to come with me from Minnesota to TX and hopefully beyond!!!! Happy me and happy puppy!

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  1. I loved getting to catch up with you and the family during my trip down. I'm so excited for the adventures ahead of you and am glad that you plan to keep blogging.