Tuesday, June 14, 2011

already but not yet

Tired. I'm so very, very tired. But I made it to Oklahoma in good time today, and got to the Walker's beautiful home in no time. I know I will be spending some time at the dollar tree and walmart that are right next to the house! I got my stuff unpacked and then went to a dinner meeting with the IEW staff and met my afellow intern, who is quite enchanting. I learned a little more about all the things I will get to learn and do, and I hope I can keep up! It will be an interesting transition for me. It's very flat here, but Julie said this is a really hilly area of OK.  Tulsa has one of the tallest bridges and it's smaller than the on-ramp for the 5 fwy in Orange. Lots of trees and grass though! I'm not allowing myself to frolic through the grass though, since I got a very interesting and frightening lesson and chiggers today. None of that thank you... none of that. My little room is cute and bright and I will try to take pictures with my new laptop (greeny) and put them up on facebook.

I miss everyone back home already, but I feel a peace that passes understanding as I try this new thing and explore that world a little more on my own.
All my love to anyone reading

signing out for now


PS. thought today about how much my dog would have HATED the plane ride over here, and had a small amount of happiness that she stayed behind.

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