Monday, June 20, 2011

onward and upward

first week almost done! Tomorrow I will have been here a whole week's time, and I have learned so much already. I'm gaining more confidence everyday and feel like maybe I can do this. I'm helping a friend work on marketing stuff back at home as well, and I really think it's going to be bomb when I get back!  I have a few more animals to add. 3 dead skunks, a live tortoise and several squirrels. The birds out here are amazing, but I do miss the sea birds, pigeons and parrots. I actually like their songs. sea birds make me feel close to home and parrots always make me laugh! It's kind of silly the things I find myself missing.

I've been missing home a lot today. I keep getting tears in my eyes, but then convince them to go back in and try to think of something happy. The problem with thinking of something happy, is that my default setting is to think of my silly little dog... and that makes me even more sad. So I have to try and think of other things. I really do love it out here, and I love seeing so much green, but I think it would be about 1000000000 times better if my dog could bop around with me. oh well. If I do end up anywhere else for any amount of time, she is coming too! 'Jesus, help me with my burden. It's a silly burden, but my heart is sad anyway. '

I made a new friend named Luke, and I'm excited that we get to hang out today. He is giving me the really Okie tour of Tulsa. Me and Jensina are going to hang out soon too, I hope! She said she would do Ag stuff with me, so I'm going goat hunting next weekend if I can. I've been doing a lot with the Walkers too, like going to the movies and looking for penguins and ... talking... and stuff. so I'm staying as busy as you can in OK, it seems. I'm used to the Cali rush, so this seems slow going and country, even though we are REALLY not in the country. I walk to Wal mart almost every day of the work week, just to go somewhere and be in AC, because even though this isn't the hot season, it still feels hot to me, because it's muggy hot.

Anyways, If you ever find yourself on Facebook and I'm on, and you have nothing to do, shoot me a line and I will be happy to talk with you! My love to everyone reading.

Signing out for now.


PS. I miss you Pickle, and your soulful little eyes.

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  1. Yesterday mom and i tried to fix my bed and in the middle of the night last night is broke again. Hercules went flying off the bed and would NOT come back on for a good five minutes and then had to be right by my side! It was would have laughed. i think hercules is still confused every time he comes over and there is no pickle-d to play with. he loves him some auntie and pickle-d! I love me some of that too (but not so much hair chewing.)
    I love you twinner