Thursday, June 16, 2011

dangerously close

well folks. I'm dangerously close to liking this book. A lot. I just graduate college (as you know) and swore off homework for the next forever! Then I join an internship and the first thing I have to do is read a book and make reports on it. "Great" I said in my head! No rest for the weary. But sadly, and much to my chagrin, I actually like the book! I also like the work I'm doing and am more suited to it than I had thought. The hardest part is sitting still for so long! my legs long to pace, and I gradually get more and more fidgety as the day wears on. But it can't be helped. I know the work needs to be done on the compy, and let me tell you... the stuff I learned just today about online networking blew my Computer education class out of the water and past Pluto (which is sadly not a planet) into the farthest reaches of space. Google has more available to me for free than I could have ever imagined and You can advertise yourself so easily it's almost scary. I'm really excited to start using all I'm learning on marketing my own business (once it's started), and also helping some friends propel their businesses forward.

I am very grateful that I get to take walks. I think so well when I'm walking, and sometimes I just get stuck, or my eyes glaze over and my brain stops working. Then, I just say "I'm going for a walk" and everyone kind of shrugs and says "Ok..." and I take off for 5 to 10 minutes. Today I did that and realized a HUGE flaw in my thinking and got back to run to my computer (even though I really needed to use the restroom), and fix it. I felt great for the rest of the day, and I know we got more done than I had imagined we could have. I get to walk about twice in a work period, and it's nice that it doesn't take long for my mind to recharge.

 It is also difficult to be inside all the time. I got used to being outside ALL DAY LONG at my old job and loved it! I loved medicating and catching skunks and running around like a crazy trying to catch the dogs that got out! I loved riding the motorcycle with my friend on my off days and walking my dog in the morning. So I guess the thing I miss most about California is being outside.

I hope to spend this Saturday outside ALL DAY, if it's not boiling. ... but you know. I just might not care. I miss you sun and wind. I'm afraid of the grass here, but I might even find a patch of grass (Like the front yard) and lay in it.

All this to say that I'm loving staying here!... but I'm starting to miss home. I've never been away for more than 10 days, and I know once that passes, I will have a hard week. I love notes, and comments, and FB messages, so if you wanna... you could leave me a little something.

with that little appeal, I think I will be signing off for now


PS. I get to video chat with my dog tonight... YAYYY!


  1. Hey Bekah! So fun reading about your time in Oklahoma. You're right about the grass... beware! If you must lay in it, at least do so on a blanket. :)

  2. Only you would skype with a dog. I'm dying laughing here!