Sunday, June 26, 2011

daisy maker

Hello blogesphere.

forgive my absence this week. It has been a busy one. I learned a lot about myself though. Apparently, I am an inventor,  an extrovert, I like older people better than those my own age, I really care about color, I love puzzles, and I actually enjoy writing. College makes you forget a lot of the things you like to do, because you are forced to do them, or denied those pleasures through a lack of time. I became an IEW accredited English tutor, I stated working actively on my friend's business, and I started writing letters; all because I think they are fun or worth while things to do, and I actually wanted to finish them! It's been a long time since I wanted to finish anything that had to do with writing. So thank you IEW. You made me remember a passion I had long forgotten.

I begin to miss daisies. I see them here every now and again, but I miss seeing them EVERYWHERE. It's summer, and there are somethings I didn't know I would miss. Daisies, for one, and the beach for another. I actually just miss the smells of summer. Here, I find water, and it kind of stinks. You gush through mud and fall in putrid smelling gunk and water that makes you feel dirtier than when you started. Obviously, that doesn't stop me from playing in water. I love water! Basically, if there is water, I want to be in it. I understand that there can be bugs, leeches, ticks, and spiders, and any number of flukes, round worms, and disease in the water. But I don't really mind. I need to be near water. I don't know now if I could last long in the middle of the country. A few months is fine, but knowing that I couldn't see the beach unless I drove for hours and hours would be depressing. To much of my heart is in the crying of the sea gulls, and the crashing of the waves. My soul floats on the coastal breezes that smell of salt and rotting drift wood.

I realize that God has plans for me outside of myself. Wherever I end up, I know I will be happy. I know that I can see his beauty in the magnificent swallows that grace the air here. I know I will be overwhelmed by the mountains in New Zealand (Lord willing). He has put wonderful trees and towering cliffs, majestic bugs and graceful animals all over the world. But I miss the familiar. I don't know any of the bird songs out here. It's such a little thing, but its a constant reminder that I am not where i was.

So here I am. Making my own daisies. They might not sound like much, but words have so much more power than I remembered. It's like coming awake after dreaming for so long.

I have much more to say, and I will try to get it out in the next few days. But I am tired


I will be signing off for now


PS. Someday, I will be with you again, Pickle. I know your little heart is happy with your friends, but I sure do miss you. I cried for you again last night. My heart hurts to be with you, my little pup. So have fun, and know that I will be home soon. Bye, baby, and be good. (for those of you that don't know my dog, I would say "bye, baby, and be good" to her everyday as I left for work. She is super cute and wonderful)


  1. I am so sad you had forgotten those things about yourself :( I am very glad, however, that you have realized them again! Let yourself dream, and wonder, and remember. Now is the time to let yourself be, so God can speak to you. He will whisper in ways you haven't heard and will tell you things you need to know. You are in a special time and place preparing for flight with God as the pilot. Can't wait to see where you fly!

  2. I'm humming the Jeopardy song while patiently waiting for the next post.