Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and then she said...

Stress. And endings. But mostly stress. I had hoped to have so much more done by now. It seems that as you begin to pack, more and more cubbies of stuff show up. and then you have to choose what happens to them. I feel that need for company as I begin to shift my life, but the thought of bringing someone else into this chaos that is my life seems scary and I fill with fear. Most of the day I am excited, and then I sit down to write my blog, and fear returns. Is this my true emotion during the day that I mask with excitement, or am I letting my overwhelming feelings flow onto the page that I did not even experience until then?

Anyway. For those of you that know me, you will not be surprised by the length of my blogs. They will all be fairly short and hopefully to the point. I will get my poetic moments and times of clarity, but mostly this will be a journal of my days and things I would like to share with you all. If I figure out how to do pictures, then you might even get some of those, but I would not hold my breath. I'm great at marketing, but sadly slow when it comes to everyday things... like figuring out the buttons to a blog and facebook, and sometimes photography. I let the images come to me, and I make them sparkle. To each has been given different gifts. I just hope I can find some gifted people in OK that are good at what I am not.

well, signing off for now, since I need to finish packing for OK and get all this trash to the dumpster. Wish me well.


PS. My dog has been sad today since she did not get to sleep with me last night. Poor pups

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  1. Rebekah, we are so looking forward to having you come--just one or two more finishing touches on the guest room! I'm also delighted that you accepted the Institute for Excellence in Writing internship position. We have many great projects planned for you and your fellow intern, Jansina, and we are quite certain that you will enjoy the experience and education. AND - just so you know, you will NOT need a car here at all.

    Bring your camera and cable. We'll get pictures loaded up in no time.