Wednesday, June 8, 2011

filling in the blanks

It was brought to my attention that I might want to explain the reason for my move to Oklahoma. I will be doing a marketing internship for the IEW company and staying with Julie walker while there. I will be there until July 30th at the least and have decided to leave my options open when deciding where to go from there. I know the Lord is leading me as I journey and feel his hand on everything I have been doing so far. All of my furniture is now accounted for and off to their homes. I have my stuff all packed for the trip and feel almost done with the packing. I know I have more to do, but I finally feel like it is manageable. I only have 5 full days left here in California and realized that I NEED to see the beach before I leave. It's muggy and cold but I really don't mind.

My car still needs an owner, but that will be under the Lords will as well. With only a few days left, everything has been moving faster. Days go quickly and nights even seem faster than normal. I thought that as I got closer to the end that things would slow down.

oh well. In His timing, all things will be

signing out for now


PS. Pickle has decided that stuffing is the perfect tool to use to bury her bones. Now I have stuffing all over my futon. Silly pup.

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  1. Hopefully it's not stuffing from the futon... You should make a list of all of Pickle's idiosyncrasies and give it to Emily. It may be helpful for her to know what the heck your dog is doing. She is truly you with fur. I love you!