Thursday, June 9, 2011

sweet and sour pickle

Today has been an interesting dog day. I think the moon must be doing something odd because the dogs in my life have gone mad! Breaking out of kennels and fighting with each other and running down the walk way. My dog has been crazy about spending every second by my side. She sits on my lap when I sit and walks under my feet as I move from room to room. I don;t know. Weird.

Packing is going well, but I need help. Thankfully I have some friends coming on Saturday to help me finish up. I am ready to go. That is for sure! I am ready to leave the craziness that is my life so that I can make some new craziness for myself. My college professor is so happy for me getting into marketing. Her dreams are being realized I think, since I was her daughter at heart. I love her dearly and hope that she stays a contact of mine. Graduation is only 3 days away. So odd. I guess today is just surreal. I got 2 graduation sashes and am going to a graduation banquet tonight. This is really the end. so odd.

signing out for now


PS my dog is crazy. I just don't know what else to say. silly little hair chewer!

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  1. Pickle is no dumb dog. She knows something serious is going on. I hope she fares ok in all the change. I am praying for your sweet and sour pickle. Is that crazy? Oh well, your mom and your dog are crazy, then.